Who is BCAG?

Board of Directors - Biographies

Nan Borreson, Director

Nan BorresonI am a retired newspaper editor and publications manager. At present I am the joyful matriarch of a large extended family. Current interests include reading, traveling, hiking, attending performing arts events and doing anything with family and friends. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and joined the BCAG Board in 2002. Support groups are an important part of my life and I feel that BCAG is an extension of that – supporting women who have the additional hardship of financial difficulties related to their breast cancer.

Lucy Bradford, Treasurer

Lucy BallardI am treasurer of the Breast Cancer Assistance Group of the Monterey Peninsula and have been on the BCAG Board of Directors since 2002. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. I am married and live in Carmel with my husband of 43 years. My hobby is showing and training Golden Retrievers. Also, I enjoy traveling, gardening roses, and family and friends. Being a member of this entirely volunteer and devoted group of women adds a very important and satisfying layer to my life.

Susan Greenbaum, President

Susan GreenbaumI have lived on the Monterey Peninsula since 1994. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and feel every day is a blessing. My hobbies include tennis, mah jong, reading, and traveling. I am also involved with several events and fundraisers for my synagogue. I am married and have 3 grown daughters. Being on the board of BCAG gives me the opportunity to help other women diagnosed with breast cancer through financially difficult times.

Arminda Grosnick, Director

Arminda GrosnickSince my life has been centered on the Monterey Peninsula it is an honor and blessing to assist women with breast cancer in this community. I moved to Monterey when I was six, met my husband here, had my children here, and it was here that I lost my Mother to breast cancer. When I was diagnosed in 2003 and had finished treatments, I knew I wanted to help others with this disease. I love activities with my family and friends, tennis, travel and my book club. I have been on the BCAG board for two years and currently am Education Chairman.

Mary Pacey, Vice President

Mary PaceyI am a psychotherapist in private practice in Monterey. For BCAG, in addition to wanting to support individual women who are going through breast cancer treatment, I am interested in developing educational programs for the breast cancer community. I live with my family on the Monterey Peninsula.

Michelle Slade, Director

Michelle SladeServing with BCAG is a powerful opportunity to continue paying forward the support and kindness extended to me since receiving the worst Christmas present of my life in 2007: a breast cancer diagnosis. I am particularly passionate about addressing the unique needs and interests of young women surviving cancer, preventing cancer in the first place and finding a cure. As I'm nearing celebrating my 40th birthday - a milestone I wasn't sure I would reach when I first heard "you've got cancer" at 33 years old, I'm more determined than ever to live more fully and joyfully while using my talents to support the resiliency and well-being of others. At the top of the list for doing so: more adventures with my husband Peter and son Aiden; continuing to grow C4 Consulting; being an effective BGAG Board Member; and continuing to be a Survivorship Advocate.

Jane Sullivan, Director

Jane SullivanJane, initially a secondary teacher and career counselor, is now almost retired from a market research business, which she has owned locally for 17 years. In 2005, she was diagnosed with Stage II cancer of the right breast for which she received two years of treatment, followed by 5 years of the drug Arminidex. She loves world travel, reading, and spends time enjoying her two great dogs. She and her husband give many hours as volunteer guides at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. She also volunteers as a Cancer Navigator, through Community Hospital. The opportunity to "give back" and help other women as they navigate the challenges of breast cancer is a vital part of her survivorship program and commitment to BCAG.

Mary Surbridge, Corresponding Secretary

Mary SurbridgeI joined the BCAG Board of Directors shortly after I retired in 2005. I was an English as a Second Language teacher in Japan, Monterey and Salinas. I still substitute teach but am enjoying the freedom of an unscheduled day. I am trying to travel, read, walk, and visit friends and my three grown daughters, as often as possible. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991 and am thankful for every day as a survivor. I joined BCAG because it was my turn to start working “for the cause”.

Eleanor Uhlinger, Recording Secretary

Eleanor UhlingerI am a university librarian who relocated from the East Coast to Monterey in 2006 for a new job. Five months into the new job I was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer and my odyssey through the fabulous Monterey Peninsula medical and breast cancer support systems began. I remain stunned by the extremely high cost of diagnostic tests and treatments so I welcome the opportunity to join BCAG and help other women during their own difficult breast cancer journeys. I want as many women as possible to join us as we enjoy Life ABC (After Breast Cancer).